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My 12 month old son started at scamps just over a month ago and he loves it. The nursery made the transition from full time mum to full time working mum very easy for both myself and Freddie.

Freddie loves all the staff and always greats them in a morning with a huge smile.

We always get a warm friendly welcome and are always made to feel important.

Lucie Preston

My 2 year old son, Harley thoroughly enjoys his time at Scamps and is embracing all that he is learning whilst also having fun.

As his parents, we know that he is getting the best early years education in readiness for school and are happy and confident that he is happy and content while at nursery.

Joanne D’Arcy

My son attended a different nursery for eight months and cried every day I took him.

Since he has started Scamps he hasn’t cried once since the first week and now he asks when he can go and see Sarah (one of the members of staff). His development has also come on leaps and bounds.

Ms Barton

My son Ben has been at Scamps for 3 days a week since January 2012.

Right from the outset the staff at Scamps made him (& us) extremely welcome - it really does feel like being part of a big, friendly family! Ben had quite a difficult start in life and has needed a little extra help along the way and the staff at Scamps have taken this in their stride. Nothing seems to be too much trouble.

We always get a very friendly welcome in the morning and at the end of the day we hear about all the lovely food that he's enjoyed in between lots of fun and varied activities. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Scamps to anyone.

Mrs B Wilders

Over the last 15 years my children and my niece and nephew have attended 'Scamps'. The care and attention my children have received has been exemplary and has enabled me to go back to work without worry about their development and care. The children have without exception been happy to go to nursery and I know the care they have received has made them happy, sociable and polite children which I can definitely attribute to the care, discipline and education they have received at scamps. I happily recommend Scamps to all new parents as a safe and nurturing environment.

L Griffin

My daughter 'Edie' has loved her days spent at Scamps, the teaching and care she has received have been fantastic. But most of all, she has had a whole lot of fun there. We love that the children get to play outside so much.
I've already put my youngest daughters name down for going there next year.
I'm sure she will enjoy it just as much as Edie.

Mrs L Thompson

It may be a routine to them,
But it was very special to me,
I was filled with a sense of pride
When an evening I got up after finishing my tea,
And she said, “Mamma, you should ask ‘May I leave the table please?’”

They might not have noticed it,
I cannot deny the complete credit to them,
Something that I forgot to teach,
On the way back home from the nursery, it came,
When she said, “Divya aunty, your dress is very nice”

No efforts from us, none at all,
Just until a month back, if I correctly recall,
She was struggling to recognize the alphabets,
Or probably much faster has the time fled,
She was writing, ‘S-W-M-N-G’ (swimming)

She opens the back-yard door often,
Whenever there is anyone from the neighbourhood,
Then there is a long playtime for sure,
With neighbours, whose accent we never understood !

It never crossed my mind,
Nor did I make any notice of the fact,
They told me one afternoon as I picked her up,
That her mouse control, on the computer was perfect!

The things that seem very small normally,
But the things that often grow tall occasionally,
I see I’ve contributed nothing on this term,
Be it academics, or be it her mannerism.

There is a lot of known and unknown,
That we owe to this nursery,
As the parents of a small girl,
Who is groomed here to a great degree,

It would not be fair on my part,
If I do not acknowledge before parting the way,
We’ve witnessed a very proper care in your hands,
Of our child, for being, what she is today.

Deepti Bhatia

Caring, friendly staff, great location and progressive outlook.  We were thrilled with Scamps when our daughter attended, a few years ago, and are equally impressed now with the care and support for our toddler

Mr & Mrs Winn

Ridhima has been going to Scamps for a year. I don’t remember a single day when she said that she doesn't want to go to Pre-school, and that I think is the best thing you can say about a nursery .

S Choudhary

My daughter has attended Scamps from 5 months of age, she is now nearly 3 years old and in her third room. From the Babies room to the Willows suite and currently in the Tweenies room Tioram has thrived, had her needs met and loved her meals, especially  the Fruity Chicken Curry!
I now have the recipe for this curry which was no problem to Bev to write out for me.
Regular Parents Nights  keep me fully informed of her progress and allow me to view her diary, overall very happy indeed.

P Hewitt

As a first time parent returning to work finding a nursery to suit Harry and me was a daunting thought.
As soon as I entered Scamps I had a good feel for the place. All the staff where welcoming and all the children so happy.
Harry has been at Scamps for 3months now and I am so pleased with everything. Harry must be too, he cries at home time!!

Miss K Anderson
Since joining Scamps over 2 years ago Joel has matured into an independent, imaginative and confident young boy. Every week he looks forward to his time at nursery and clearly adores the staff, who take the time and effort to help him develop and learn. He has settled into nursery extremely well and has now learned to adapt to a learning environment, make new friends and play nicely with other children also. I am more than confident that, by next September, he will be ready and eager to progress to a school environment".

Vikki Collins

Scamps has played a major role in shaping the character of my daughter from a mommy's girl to a very confident and cheerful girl. When I look  one and half years back I could see my girl crying loudly at her first days in scamps. Everything there was new
for her- language,people,environment...Then she slowly started to like the place and finally loving it. And now she hate holidays because she can't go to scamps. I can very well say that it's the staff at scamps made all these things possible. My sincere
gratitude towards each and every staff at scamps especially Deborah ,Lucy ,Amy, Dot, Deena, Angela .She made lot of friends ,got in to a very new and happy environment and that was a new opening in my child’s life. Now she is all set to reception. I am really very happy that my daughter could start her schooling at scamps and that made her a well confident girl."

Divya Renjith

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