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  Based within the beautiful South Park in Macclesfield, we are incredibly fortunate to have such a healthy and magical place for children to learn and grow.  Opening our doors to the 44 acres of trees and fields provide a world of possibilities and enables us to turn every day into a new and exciting opportunity for exploration, discovery and adventure. 

At Scamps there is no such thing as bad weather. Windy days, rainy days, sunny days and snowy days all bring their own opportunities for splashing, jumping, building, digging, sliding, hunting, climbing, searching, flying kites, feeding the ducks, laughing and learning.

Nature plays a central role in the day to day activities we plan for our children. Learning first hand about animals and plants and seeing how the seasons effect the changes to the park and its wildlife help to foster a fascination and an appreciation  for life and the world around us that books alone never could. Touching, smelling, feeling and being so close to nature during a child's formative years helps to build a love of the outdoors that children never loose.

At a time when we are told by experts on television that children don't get enough exercise, the park provides opportunities to run and climb, build dens and encourage children to take risks (carefully supervised of course).

We also use the park as an aid to deliver the educational curriculum within the nursery.  It’s much more fun to find and count worms or purple flowers than it is bricks and blocks. And what better way to learn about nature and the natural world than being able to explore it on our very own doorstep. The conservation area within the park is the best place in the world for  bug hunts and the children love story time that they not only listen too but also recreate within the grandeur of the raised stone bandstand.

Endless fun and enduring memories.

Research has found that the frequency and quality of outdoor provision has a direct impact on the development of young children, those having regular outdoor experiences benefit not just physically, but cognitively, creatively and socially. "Learning through Landscapes", campaigning for better outdoor environments in education and childcare.

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