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  There are many things that makes Scamps special, but Numbers Count makes Scamps unique.

Developed for the Department of Education in 2008 to help children better understand the core concepts of numeracy, the results achieved using Numbers Count has been nothing short of spectacular.

Over 30,000 children throughout the UK have benefited from the scheme which runs for twelve weeks and on average produced improvements in mathematics for each pupil of 14 months.

Deborah Baines the nursery owner and Pre-school teacher of Scamps is a fully trained, qualified and registered Numbers Count teacher. Deborah's personal record shows that on average her pupils made 18 months progress in just 12 weeks using the Numbers Count programme.

Understanding or memorising?

Numbers Count changes the emphasis of learning early numeracy away from learning to memorise how to count to 20 to actually understanding the concepts of what numbers actually represent. For example traditionally children “remember” that 1+1=2 rather than “understand” why 1+1=2. Once they understand why 1+1=2 they can quickly progress  to answering 3+4 and so on because they have a clear understanding of the question and the concepts. The results prove the value to children in “understanding” the concepts of numeracy at the earliest possible age. At Scamps children learn these concepts through their specialist Numbers Count lessons in Pre-school, giving them a better grasp of numeracy by the time they graduate for primary school.

A case study on the experiences of a Numbers Count teacher can be found at . In the article the teacher comments on how "I would not have believed the progress they would make, not just in their mathematical skills, but also in their own self esteem, and the way this would spill over into other areas of the curriculum. These children have made up to 24 months progress in their number age in just 12 weeks, but more than that, they have become more articulate, more confident and more independent learners”

Along with an improvement in results the children's confidence and self image improved and the benefits of the course continued after the course had finished with children continuing to perform at the higher level during normal school classes. Please visit the Numbers Count website at for more details.

The success of the programme has been remarkable on several levels, with huge benefits to all of the children involved.

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