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  Healthy Eating
  At a time when we hear on the television and read in the newspapers how our children are getting less and less healthy, eating all of the wrong foods and not doing enough exercise, we believe we have a roll to play and a responsibility to help our children develop good habits from an early age.

At Scamps all of our meals are freshly made on site and  our menu contains lots and lots of fresh fruit and vegetables. We are mindful of dietary requirements with vegetarian, nut, wheat and milk free options available for our little ones who require or prefer them.

The menus have been constructed by a child nutritionist and are designed to provide the correct balanced diet growing children need.

Healthy children also need a healthy environment and Scamps has recently won a 5 Star Award for hygiene to go alongside our super healthy location.

Exercise and fresh air are part of every child’s daily experience at Scamps and along with our healthy menu help to build healthy habits and tastes.

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